More and more our customers are seeking out experienced exterior contractors that can "do it all." That's why we have added masonry and brick work to our services.

We do new masonry, brick work, and repairs to most Chimneys.

Chimney Repair

The top of your chimney is typically flat and has cement on top of it, also referred to as the crown. Like a cement sidewalk, the crown is prone to cracking and once cracked water seeps into the masonry interior, expensive, but preventable problems occur.

Our inspection of your crown is free and quick. Inspection can be done in conjunction to your roofing, windows, or siding appointment, or can be done separately. An inexpensive crown repair now can save you hundreds, possibly even thousands later.

Exterior Finishing

Add a unique finished look to the ourside of your home. We offer several style of stone and brick work to choose from.