Meet Our Team

Ryan "Jelly Bean" Follman
(616) 566-3878

Ryan is the co-founder of Lakefront Roofing & Exteriors. Ryan has been groomed for the exteriors business ever since he was a youngster. Through high school and college, Ryan delivered construction materials at a local roofing distributor. At that same distributor, Ryan moved into the office to try out sales. Soon after, Ryan was approached to work on the other side of the desk for a large roofing company in Grand Rapids. Years later, after learning that his father was laid off from his job, Ryan decided to go into business with his father and Mentor...And Lakefront was born. Along with his father Steve Follman, Lakefront Roofing & Exteriors was started with the main goal of giving customer's great service and materials at a fair price, and doing so with integrity. Ryan and Steve's partnership began way before Lakefront Roofing & Exteriors was started. Ryan spent most weekends (some weekdays...hope the labor board doesn't read this...child labor know what I mean) through elementary school, middle school, high school, and college alongside Dad learning everything there is to know about the construction business. Ryan's desire in business is to make every customer happy at the end of the job. He will go to great lengths to see that every customer is smiling...or of the two.

Jason "The Mayor" Avery
(269) 370-3143

Jason "The Mayor" Avery began his career by serving in the United States Army. As a Military Police Officer and Desert Storm Veteran, Jason had the opportunity to sharpen his skills in discipline and leadership. Before joining Lakefront Roofing & Exteriors, Jason gained extensive knowledge and experience through Schultz Roofing in shingle roofing, flat roofing, windows and doors. Jason is currently the owner of Lakefront Roofing & Exteriors where he has earned the nickname "The Mayor" due to all the people that know him and all the people he knows. Jason enjoys working with people and is always looking forward to meeting new people. Jason and his wife Loretta have three beautiful children, Britny, Abi and Jaken and have been married for 18 years.

Steve "Super Serious Man" Follman
(269) 906-0911

Steve is the co-founder of Lakefront Roofing & Exteriors. After Steve graduated from good ol' Coloma High School, he left Michigan for the big city of Chicago. It was there that he learned the ins and outs of the construction business. He would do many different odd jobs like painting houses, roofing homes, and even building commercial type buildings. After gaining experience in the construction trades and getting his hands dirty, Steve helped to start Lakefront Roofing Supply in the city. He worked everywhere he was needed, from delivering materials to helping out with sales. When Steve and his wife tired of the city life, he built a house in Covert, MI from the ground up. Steve had no problem involving his kids in a lot of the labor...ha. While living in Michigan, Steve worked at HHI Supply in Kalamazoo and then Premier Building Products in Holland. When business slowed at Premier, Steve was laid off and decided to start, with his phenomenal son, Lakefront Roofing & Exteriors. Steve has been a wonderful father to his children, and is now a wonderful grandfather. Steve's main goal in business, as well as in life, is to treat people fairly and honestly. Steve is a wonderful craftsman and a wonderful human being.

Jessica "Corporate" Follman

Office administrator, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and Ryan's personal assistant. Also known as "Corporate."

Josh "Pee Wee" Hassevoort
(616) 335-0175

Josh was raised in southwest Michigan. He attended South Haven schools and graduated from South Haven High School. After graduating, Josh attended GRCC for culinary arts. During college, Josh began working for "Dwight Vugteveen Masonry", where he excelled at creating and repairing home exteriors. During his nine years doing masonry he began to specialize in stone and brick veneer, creating and repairing chimneys, fireplaces, entry gates and patios. Josh then began his career with Lakefront Roofing & Exteriors where he has excelled at roofing and chimney repair. He is currently operations manager and is looking to excel at roofing and expanding the company.

Blaine Baum
(269) 876-9237

Blaine is the newest addition to our team. Blaine is a lifelong resident of St Joseph MI except for the 2 years in Lakeland Florida. He is married and has 3 boys and a daughter. One son is a marine mechanic, one son has a degree in criminal justice, one son is in college at Western Michigan and a daughter who has a thriving photography business. Blaine also has 3 grand children. He started his career in this business over 30 years ago working for VC Sales. He has been with other companies and has installed all of the products that we sell. He is also a hands on guy who loves to help people make an educated decision on buying construction services. He recommends products for your home just as he was working on his own home. We look forward to you to meeting with him and having a great learning about our company, products and people.